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It's no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow. NCAMEO helps organizations drive value from digitizing business operations using our agile No-Code development platform.

What We Do

Enabling Connected Digital Experiences

Bring your People and Projects together with No-Code Transformation, enable multiple parties to handle tasks simultaneously, and speed up your projects with one centralized platform.
Build Web and Mobile Applications

Our No-Code workbench platform helps you quickly build your Business and Operations apps across channels.

Accelerate Legacy Modernization

Full / partial modernization of your legacy applications that enables continuous modernization by leveraging the Azure PaaS architecture.

Digitize Manual and Redundant Processes

Streamline repetitive tasks and paper-based processes using the power of Azure Automate.

Our Offerings

Enterprise Applications in days without limits using NCAMEO’s simple, agile steps

NCAMEO No-Code Low-Code development platform and the power of AZURE.
NCAMEO is a No-Code platform that empowers your teams to build Custom apps incredibly fast with Enterprise-grade Security that quickly scales and can be hosted on Azure or any public cloud

App Gallery

Live Gallery

Boosting Business Growth by enabling multiple stakeholders to handle tasks simultaneously on one centralized, agile platform

Form Layout Types - with NCAMEO’s No-Code Low-Code development platform and the power of AZURE
Visualization Controls - with NCAMEO’s No-Code Low-Code development platform and the power of AZURE
Dashboarding and Charting, with NCAMEO’s No-Code Low-Code development platform and the power of AZURE
Mobile Apps with NCAMEO’s No-Code Low-Code development platform and the power of AZURE

Case Studies

How NCAMEO Customers Digitized their Business Processes


CKL Case Study


Painter Bros Case Study

Operating System for company’s gains.



How much time can you save with our No-Code workbench?

Select various screen development quantities to view the savings.

240 hrs
720 hrsSaved per app
960 hrs

See how NCAMEO’s No-Code platform will benefit you!

Make the switch to grow your business

Reduction in Infrastructure Cost
Reduce Cost
Auto scaling with automated scripting reduces your costs by up to 25%.
Productivity increase
Increase productivity
Seamlessly manage multiple servers, databases and applications with a unified platform.
Reduction in Labor Costs
Save Labor
A standardized framework with connectivity helps you reduce specialized headcount by 40%.


What our clients say about us.

And that's just a few


"NCAMEO’s highly customizable system matches perfectly with our business needs and gives a real time overview of our work."

“The greatest benefit of NCAMEO is the visualized dashboard. It takes only a few clicks to see exactly what you need in detail.”

“Working with NCAMEO has been a delight. They understand our business needs perfectly and has helped immensely in growing our business.”


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